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Custom Painted Adidas Auction Sat. 10/31 San Francisco

Shoebiz SF x Adidas x Living Word Project
Don't Sweat the Technique: Kicks & Cans

Adidas Concept Shop

Graffiti writers from this past year's battles will paint 20 pairs of Adidas Shelltoes and Stan-Smith kicks for an auction to help youth in Oakland and orphans in Africa. Shoebiz will donate all proceeds to: YouthSpeaks.org & YouthAgainstPoverty.com

Participating Artists in Custom Painted Shoe Auction

Estria :: Eukarezt :: Katch :: Bam

Chucho :: Melon :: Rome Won :: Tsel :: Like DC5 :: Gloe

New York:
Cekis :: Queen Andrea :: Cern :: Wane

Max Ehrman Eon75 :: Vogue :: Vyal One :: Twick :: Chez

12noon - 6:00PM

Shoe Biz + Adidas Concept Shop
1420 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

More info and photos of the shoes here: www.shoebizsf.com

Queen Andrea AOK, of New York City

Katch, of Hawai'i

Chucho DC5, of Chicago

Tsel, of Chicago

Eukarezt, of Hawai'i

Max Erhman Eon75, of Florida

Gloe, of Chicago

Rome Won, of Chicago

Chez, of the Bay Area

SHOEBIZ x Adidas is a proud sponsor of the 2009 National Finals in Oakland, CA. Prizes for winners and shirts were provided for all contestants.